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Dental Restorations
Dental Restorations

Because of exposure to the foods or trauma, your teeth can show signs of damage over time. At Meadow Lake Dental, we recommend that you come to us if you need restorative treatment.

We can perform services on your teeth to improve and restore their health and visual quality. Those techniques include:


Cavities are small holes that form in the enamel of your tooth. They can be remedied by removing the decay and filling the hole with a filling - made from metal or porcelain.


If a tooth already has a number of fillings or is highly decayed, a crown may be necessary. A crown is a cover that is placed on the tooth after removing the decay and shaping the existing structure to create the best support. It will protect the tooth from further damage.


If the biting surface of your tooth has been damaged, we can remove the decay and replace it with a lab fabricated restoration - called an inlay. This restoration provides superior contact with the existing tooth structure, virtually eliminating the chance of recurring decay.


This is similar to an inlay, but is used when damage is more extensive. It covers more of the tooth, but is often preferred to a crown for its ability to maintain existing tooth structure.

Dental Bridges

When a tooth is extracted, your dentist can often have it replaced with an artificial tooth that is held in place by a bridge that connects it to the two adjacent teeth.

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Watch wideos about Dental Restorations:

Filling Tooth Decay Filling Crown Tooth Decay Crown Inlay/Onlay Tooth Decay Inlay/Onlay